About Erasmus+
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Erasmus+ is the EU grant for education professionals, aimed at supporting professional development and sharing knowledge across the continent.

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As a primary or secondary school teacher working in Europe or in another country eligible for E+ funding, you can talk to your school about applying for money to attend a teacher training course with IPC.

To apply for funding, you can either make an application for your individual school, or you can make a 'consortium' application if you are working in a region or are in a position to apply on behalf of a number of schools in your area.

All IPC courses are eligible for Erasmus+ funding

You will need to write a sensible and authoritative European Development Plan (EDP) as part of your application. Your application will be judged on the quality and appropriateness of your EDP. You can apply for funding for as many teachers to take a course as you think is necessary to support your school.

If you are successful, the money will cover your travel to the UK, your course fees and accommodation fees, and your course-related travel in Exeter.

For teachers interested in working in a multi-partner school project, IPC courses are a great starting points and and an excellent place to meet potential partner teachers from different countries. In this context the training can support your school’s European Development Plan.