Ben Thorne: School Director

Ben was one of the founding Directors of the International Projects Centre and has enjoyed working with friends and colleagues around the world growing the school from something special and tiny to something slightly bigger but still very special. Ben manages the school and the team and promotes teacher training, summer school and school projects. When not at school Ben tries to keep up with Lili (11), Fred (9) and Ted (4), and enjoys his involvement with music and the Heavitree Beer Company, a micro brewery also based in Exeter.


Julie Allen: Director of Studies

Julie trained as a state secondary school teacher before moving into the world of EFL. She is responsible for the academic aspects of junior and adult courses at IPC as well as teaching and training herself from time to time. She manages our existing courses and is always happy to discuss the possibility of bespoke courses as well. Julie is a former lifeguard and still enjoys serious swimming and keeping fit when she can spare the time.


Esther Thomas: Senior Teacher/Trainer


Esther has been a part of the IPC team for the last five years, and enjoys working on both our teacher development courses and our junior courses. Esther is particularly passionate about creative, inclusive education, and exploring how learners can develop life skills alongside their language learning. Outside of her work, Esther enjoys walking in the rain, crafting, reading children's books, and drinking tea.


Roger Watson: Senior Guide

Roger is known throughout Europe as The Best Guide in the business. He has spent more than 20 years guiding happy students around our beautiful part of England. Roger was a peace campaigner in the days before the iron curtain dropped and his enthusiasm for peace and goodwill to his fellow (wo)man has never waivered. Roger was a history teacher and coach driver in the days before he started working for IPC and his work here now combines both passions - local travel and history.


Vicki Beable: Projects Coordinator


Vicki works with visiting group leaders and organises the trips and social activities for all IPC programmes. She has spent most of her life in the South West of England (be it Devon, Cornwall or Bristol), so she's a great person to advise you on what to expect during your stay! A former secondary school teacher, Vicki enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures. She has spent time in France, Spain, the US, and South America.


Belinda Fitton: Accommodation

Belinda knows Exeter and Devon very well, having spent many years in the local area. Belinda enjoys working with our team of host families to find the right homestay host for each of our visiting students and teachers, and to ensure that everyone is comfortable during their stay. Outside work Belinda enjoys learning languages and socialising with friends.


Andy Matthews: Building Manager


Andy, a qualified mechanical engineer, maintains our beautiful building and ensures we meet health and safety standards. He also keeps a close eye on tea, coffee and biscuit levels! Andy is the friendly face of IPC - always with a smile and words of encouragement. If you want to practise your latest new words and phrases, Andy always has time to listen. In his spare time, Andy enjoys sea fishing and exploring Britain's beautiful coasts with his latest catch the lovely Marianna.


Danny Lewis: Guide and Sporty Star


Danny leads trips and sports activities with our junior students and manages our summer school afternoon and evening social programme. Danny recruits his team and leads by example. He is a multi talented sportsman who has played volleyball for England and football for Topsham Rovers. Along with Sasha, Danny presents the awards at IPC Summer School Awards Night. Outside IPC work Danny manages his team of Sporty Stars and enjoys socialising in the public houses of little Topsham.


Sasha Ingham: Guide and Sporty Star

Sasha works with Danny leading our social and sports programme for junior students. A sportswoman herself Sasha enjoyed a career in marketing and beauty before moving into the world of sports and training. Together with Danny she runs our team of Sporty Stars who oversee the IPC summer school activity programme. Along with Danny, Sasha presents the awards at the end of each IPC Summer School course and also comperes our awards nights. In a separate life Sasha was a semi-finalist in Miss England 2016.

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Beth Baker: Content Producer

Beth works on bringing IPC into the 21st century by producing content for the school's website and social media channels. Based in the main office, she also assists the team with all of the documentation involved with your stay in Exeter, and always loves meeting 'the people behind the forms'. A graduate of the University of Exeter, this is Beth's third summer at IPC, having spent two years studying and teaching in Germany. She can often be found roaming the city with her camera and cycling around Devon's beautiful rolling countryside.


Selina Jones: Teacher Trainer

Selina works across our teacher training programme, specialising in BET and CMT courses. She has been leading courses at IPC for 5 years and enjoys meeting and working with colleagues from all over Europe. Outside school Selina enjoys family life at her home on Dartmoor and taking her dog for long walks by the seaside and cross country.


Paul Clark: Teacher

Paul works with student groups and on IPC Summer School courses. Paul enjoys sharing his expertise and experience with our students.