Why Summer School?

Our Top 10 Reasons to Join Summer School in 2019:

  • To help improve your English for school
  • To go on holiday with your friends
  • To meet new friends from different countries and build connections around the world
  • To learn about life in England and speak as much English as possible in an intensive language learning experience
  • To visit your old host family in Exeter, if you have been to IPC before (please book your course early to avoid disappointment)
  • To do something valuable with your spare time before going on holiday with your family
  • To prepare for study abroad: coming on an IPC course is an invaluable experience that will help with study and learning to be independent in a foreign country
  • Because your teacher at school is organising a trip to IPC Exeter and it's a great opportunity (our group prices are lower!)
  • To have an experience you'll never forget!

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