Erasmus Plus-Funded Teacher Training Courses

"I met wonderful people from all over Europe. I had the chance to see many places with breath-taking scenery and amazing landscapes! I enjoyed staying at my host family’s place! She was lovely and she cooked typical British meals, so I had the chance to taste UK as well! I absolutely loved the teacher training course! I found it enlightening and a unique source of ideas to use back home. I really recommend IPC courses to teachers who want to improve and widen their techniques of teaching!"
Letizia Arena, Italy CMT Aug 2016


At IPC Exeter we have been organising teacher training courses for more than 20 years. In that time we have welcomed more than 10,000 teachers from all over Europe to Exeter. All IPC Teacher Training courses are eligible for Erasmus Plus funding. We can offer general guidance on your application and guide you towards the courses that will support your European Development Plan.

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